Bulli Miners Cottage photo

Bulli Miners Cottage

As we head into winter the days are getting shorter and the temperature drops but the Concept team have completed all their major milestones across our three current projects this month. Mount St Thomas is at lock up, with the exterior fully painted and the boys forging ahead with the fix-out stage inside. The top story addition in Balgownie has the first stage of the roof complete and all windows in, while our Miners Cottage renovation in Bulli is almost completely cladded and ready for exterior painting. 

The Miners Cottage is a fantastic project for us, as we are making sure to maintain the heritage feel of the existing house, especially the unique facade. We have worked closely with the clients on this job to make sure that all the materials used suit their vision for the build without sacrificing any of the heritage feel. Having the ability to blend modern materials in this way will truly make the Miners Cottage a job to be proud of.