How to choose the perfect fittings for your new build or renovation photo

How to choose the perfect fittings for your new build or renovation

Choosing the perfect fittings for your dream project can be both a challenging and overwhelming process. There are so many selections available from a number of great manufacturers that it can be difficult to sometimes settle on your decisions. However if you follow a few simple guidelines, the process can become much less painful and rather than dreading making your final choices, you will enjoy the process a whole lot more. 

Realistic allowances

We often find that one of the biggest pain points that our clients face when making their selections is the budget. Everything looks good, until you see the total price in the checkout. Our first piece of advice is to set a realistic budget at the start of each project, then prioritise which items are the most important. From here, you can choose your selections and stay true to your vision, without blowing out costs. Speaking directly with your builder about this is a great way to make sure both parties are on board and you are able to avoid any unnecessary variations down the track. 

Talk to a designer

To help with making realistic allowances, talking to an interior designer can help you keep your costs down by making the process more efficient. Prior preparation prevents poor performance, as they say. Employing the help of an interior designer will allow you to view your selections holistically with a professional who can help tie all your products of choice together. This means that while you might not choose the most expensive items, you will choose ones that tie the space together and look good. 

Choose from reputable brands

Choosing your selections from reputable brands can help remove some of the stress that comes with picking the items for your dream home. You know before buying that you are going to receive items that are of a high standard, with minimal defects. And you know that if there are any defects, that the manufacturer will have a customer service portal that makes it easy to get any damaged or incorrect selections replaced quickly and efficiently.

How can we help?

The team at Concept Constructions have processes in place to make choosing your selections as painless as possible! We offer an interior designer (free of charge!) who can assist you with choosing the right look, as well as a dedicated team who liaise directly with our suppliers to ensure you get the perfect products on time and on budget. 
If you're interested in discussing your project with us, head over to our contact page and either submit the form, or give us a call. We can't wait to hear from you!