SLOPING SITES – a few things you should know. [Part 1] photo

SLOPING SITES – a few things you should know. [Part 1]

Have you considered the option of building on a sloping site?

With our Australian landscape, especially around the coastal areas such as Wollongong, and the South Coast of NSW, the more interesting blocks in a suburb or development are usually sloping. The good news is that Concept Constructions is experienced in finding solutions for sloping blocks.  It’s also interesting to note here, that the end results are often more pleasing than flat blocks.  It’s true! Sloping sites usually have a view. That’s a huge tick we suggest.  Yes, they also have their challenges, but hear us out….

These days, sloping blocks are generally cheaper than flat blocks, so what you save in the purchase price can offset any additional cost of construction. Concept Constructions have available the option of using an incredible flooring system from Spantec  that helps with speed of construction on site and has great warranties for the home owner and the builder. Talk to us more about this when you contact us to build your new home.

The orientation or aspect of the site is important with regards to taking advantage of solar efficiency as well as views. With a north-facing block, main living areas can face north. This allows natural sunlight to enter your home, making it more comfortable to enjoy the space as well as better for your health.  

Sometimes with a South-facing blocks, the views and the orientation can be in conflict, so you may need to compromise. We can work with your ideas, and the site, ensuring that the house plans are such that maximise the attributes of your block and minimise the shortcomings.

Questions to think about when looking to purchase your block; 

Which way does the block slope?

Does the slope rise from the road, or fall from the road?

Does it slope from left to right or vice versa? (The convention is that you describe the block from the road looking in.)

To read more about sloping sites and the solutions for these,  please come back next week as we continue to explore this subject.

Until then, if you would like more information, please  contact us here