When should you start talking to a builder about your plans to build? photo

When should you start talking to a builder about your plans to build?

Building a home is one of the biggest investments you will make, so it is crucial that you start the process on the right track!


At Concept Constructions Aus, we like to work with you & your designer as a team.


This will ensure that at the end of the design process, you have a beautiful design that is within your budget and has a well thought out construction plan.



Here is why you should engage a builder at the start of the design process;


1. Design within your budget


Even though you may discuss budget with your designer or architect early in the design meetings, they are not up to date with pricing, especially in the current climate of constant price increases.


This often means clients end up with a design way over their budget that they can’t even build, sending them back to the drawing board. This will cost you time & money having to start again and pay the designer to make the changes the builder recommends to lower costs. 


Outside of the design, there is a lot more that goes into building aside from the cost of labour & materials. Your architect or designer isn’t going to factor in the costs of insurances, certifier fees, onsite hire items etc as they aren’t part of the design.



2. Save money!


Builders can provide valuable input upfront that can save you thousands of dollars! Most designers aren’t going to have the experience your builder has in construction which means your design isn’t going to necessarily be the most cost effective way to build.


Having your builder work as a team with your designer can result in huge cost savings on critical parts of your build such as engineering. The builder can suggest different methods of construction to ensure you aren’t ‘over engineering’ your build which can minimise the cost of expensive materials such as structural steel .



3. Mitigate design issues


Involving your builder in the design process can help with mitigating the design issues. Sometimes although it looks lovely on paper, logistically, it just doesn’t work when we build it. The builder can point out things in the design that they know just aren’t going to work or suggest a different way of doing it with the construction method in mind. 



The best time to be tweaking plans is during the design process, if you leave this to be dealt with in the construction phase, you can be left with making quick decisions, less options to fix the issue and probably a variation that wasn’t in your budget!



4. Faster process


Having your builder and designer working together will result in your design being right the first time. Your plans will be designed within your budget, with the construction process in mind and at the end of the process you are going to have a design that is ready to be built.


So often we have clients that come to us with plans that are well above their budget and they have to go back to the designer to make changes or start again. This can result in a very long process!



Reach out!


We hope this helps you with working out where to start with your design process. 

If there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to reach out. We are more than happy to offer any advice & guidance you may need. 


Best wishes,

James Mildner
Builder | Director