Why you should be using recycled materials in your new home or renovation photo

Why you should be using recycled materials in your new home or renovation

In recent years there has been a distinct push towards using greener, more environmentally friendly building materials across the construction industry. Manufacturers are constantly updating their catalogues with new and improved products that last longer and have a smaller carbon footprint to produce. Something that is often overlooked by clients when they are considering what to  include in their new home or renovation is recycled materials. We're not talking a kitchen bench made from recycled plastic or a floor made from recycled rubber, but a genuine incorporation of old, vintage and often weathered materials into the project.

Since 2018 the team at Concept have seen a distinct push for standout features among our clients. These days there are a few dominant interior design style choices that make up the majority of new homes and renovations, and we have found that now our clients are searching for something different, that diamond in the rough that sets their interior space apart from the rest. 

In order to satisfy this desire we strongly believe that using recycled materials such as bricks, timber, tiles and doors can provide a project with a level of character not always attainable through the purchase of showroom products. Recycled materials add real depth and can make even a new build feel nostalgic and welcoming. The rustic colours of recycled brick can provide an industrial vibe, or the warmer more weathered tones of recycled timber can provide an interior space with a more rugged 'cabin in the woods' aesthetic.

Another great benefit is that recycled materials decrease a load on the supply chain for building materials, which is currently under a significant amount of stress due to shortages from both Australia and Asia. In some cases it may even be easier to find recycled products for a project, rather than dealing with the current wait times for both domestic and imported products. 

Which brings us to the next question. Where are the best places to find high quality recycled building materials in Australia?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Australia is a Mecca for recycled products and has a number of great outlets and suppliers across the country. Here are our top picks:

Recycled Building Centre
20 Waterview Street, Putney, NSW
0407 500 054

Urban Salvage
190A Hall Street, Spotswood, VIC
(03) 9391 0466

The Demolition Yard
55 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo, QLD
(07) 3397 0166

Vinsan Salvage
25 Katanning St, Bayswater, WA 6053
(08) 9279 3880

If you are keen to talk to us about how we can help you incorporate recycled materials into your dream project then don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to discuss how we can turn your concept into a reality.

- James