Why you should plan your bathrooms during the design stage photo

Why you should plan your bathrooms during the design stage



The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home, making its functionality very important! Strangely enough, it is often an after thought when it comes to design and construction!

We more often than not receive plans for renovations or even new builds where the bathrooms have no specifications for fittings and plumbing fixtures. This can be problematic as the placement of bathroom items such as your vanity, bath, toilet and even towel rails are governed by the way the frames are constructed & where plumbing is roughed in, which happens right at the start of the build.

If you don't plan your bathroom prior to construction, you may end up making last minute decisions that can hugely impact the functionality of your bathrooms. Once construction has begun, it can quickly become overwhelming having to make decisions on the spot especially when work & family life is in the background! 

We also suggest selecting all of your bathroom fittings and fixtures prior to signing contracts! It is something that we like to factor into the price before the build starts so we aren't wildly guessing how much you're going to spend. This helps to produce a realistic price for your build! 

Selecting your bathroom items early can also help us identify potential problems with your selections giving you time to find something similar rather than an on the fly decision during construction. It can also help to avoid possible variations for things like in-wall toilet cisterns or a double shower head. Most builders aren't going to allow for these types of things because they aren't standard! If you forget to let the builder know before pricing and then you choose to do this after the contract is signed, it can be a pricey variation!  

Another important part of your bathroom design are your tiles! We like to ensure the tile set out is perfect so that any half tiles have been cleverly hidden or avoided where possible. Tiles come in all different shapes and sizes so the set out is going to vary each time, if we know what tiles you have chosen, we can work this out early to ensure the tiles are laid the best way possible.  

Our aim is to produce a high quality build, as close to the initial contract price as possible! Which is why we dedicate a huge amount of time to the pre construction phase.  

For more information about how we can help you during design & pre construction, shoot us an email! 

Best wishes,

James Mildner
Builder | Director