Project Breakdown

Location: Wombarra
Project Type: Extension
Challenges: BAL-40 Rating
Designer: Ron Forbes Building Design

The Wombarra Project we recently completed was an architecturally designed extension by Ron Forbes.

The clients brief was to maximise natural light whilst mimicking the curved roof on the existing dwelling. This was achieved with the use of gable windows, raked ceilings as well as operable skylights to let in as much light as possible in the leafy area of Wombarra. 

One of our favourite design elements was the use of an Australian innovation, Heka Hoods to satisfy the BASIX requirements. Heka Hoods create beautiful lines with their simple bracket less systems, they tick the energy rating box and architectural design at the same time. 

The design also incorporated the construction of three different roof planes, a skillion, gable & a curved roof which all came together to create visual aesthetics. 

A key feature of this build was the onsite sewerage treatment plant. The system takes household wastewater from your bathroom, laundry & kitchen and treats it in an underground unit. The clean, odourless, treated water is then automatically dispersed to the onsite irrigation system. 

One of the design challenges for this project was that the extension was being built in a fire zone which was rated BAL-40. This is one of the highest fire ratings and has strict requirements in terms of the use of materials and construction methods to ensure the risk of ember attack has been minimised as best as possible. 

To meet BAL-40 requirements, the project included;
BAL-40 rated windows
Metal cladding 
Fire sealing of all penetrations
Draft stoppers on all doors
Fire wall between garage & living space 
Eaves double the thickness
Garage door fire seals

This also meant that the existing dwelling had to be upgraded to meet the current BAL requirements. 



Bath  Bathroom

Bath  Bathroom

Bath  Bathroom

Bath  Bathroom